Green Roofing
Green Roofs

Green Roofs

Green Roofs provide a way to reduce the carbon footprint of any building. They are Intentionally Vegetated Roof Surfaces. They can be generally separated into three categories:

Semi-intensive [or semi-extensive]

The roof will need to be waterproofed first, typically with a single ply or built-up felt waterproofing system, prior to the green roof being installed. Green roofs are known to significantly reduce the surface run off volumes and rates of rainfall leaving roofs. The thermal performance of green roofs cannot be given a U-Value currently, but they have been shown to significantly reduce the necessity for air conditioning in summer and can provide a degree of insulation in winter. In addition to this, the build-up of soil, plants and trapped layers of air within these systems can act as a sound insulation barrier.

In large cities and built up areas, residents have a distinct lack of green space. Roof gardens and roof communal areas provide a solution to this problem.

These systems are available as a Seedum Matting or a Plug Plant installation.